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Tango FAQs & Facts is the first multimedia book in tango culture’s history, and is made for thousands of students, educators, dancers, performers, dance studios / organizations / institutions, and all the people involved in the dance industry.

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Tango FAQs & Facts is essential. Written in a vibrant, simple language is composed to fill the need for knowledge and motivate further study of tango culture. Assisted by grafics (ph=f), images, audio, videos, and links that cover a variety of subjects it works as reference book or quick guide, that helps you jump directly to the answer of your question or to the fact of your interest.

Tango FAQs & Facts was created by tango people for tango people and beyond. It conveys almost a decade of worldwide experience as social dancers, tutors, performers, and researchers in tango culture. New content will be often available for free, after you register in our email list here.

Not a book, but a vision.

- Pablito Greco

We accept content or suggestions that you wish to contribute, here. We shall award you by putting your name and details (with consent) inside the book and this website.

About Pablito Greco

Pablito Greco is an artist and entrepreneur. He has been distinguished as an educator, personal trainer, writer, dance performer, and lecturer.

Greco has created and participated in numerous short films and clips, international dance events, tools for dance education, ways and means for the touristy promotion of dance, and dance researches through his books and his global dance activity. He has likewise performed in dance festivals all over the world.

His newest book, Tango FAQs & Facts will be published by SmilyTango in February 2014 and will be available in 80+ countries.

Read the complete article in Wikipedia or visit his website pablitogreco.com for more.

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